"Good Boys" Film Review

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"Good Boys" Film Review

Rating: 4/5

By: Nathaniel Simpson

    The creators of "Superbad" decided to return to the same genre - this time with pre-pubescent children. "Good Boys" follows three young boys - Max (Jacob Tremblay), Thor (Brady Noon), and Lucas (Keith L. Williams) - are trying to adjust to their new school and fit in with the popular crowd.

    However, when they are invited to a "kissing party", they start to freak out as none of them have kissed a girl before. From shenanigan to shenanigan, these boys are then thrust into the real world, including drug dealers and sex toys, to find out how to kiss. 

    This movie is hilarious, and all three boys have amazing chemistry with one another. They are very confident, and don't worry about looking stupid or silly. They are self-aware of what is going on throughout the film, and rely on adult humor to make the audience laugh.  They leave everything on the screen, and the film is excellent because of this. 

    The funny thing to me is how these young boys are now facing adult problems, and yet still somehow make it out unscathed. It's extremely unrealistic, but it's a good time and keeps the audience engaged and entertained. The writers basically take the plot from "Superbad", but changes things up to make it more modern for today's audience. At times, it feels extremely like "Superbad"; it is still very entertaining no matter. 

    This could have been an amazing film - until we reach the last thirty minutes. It honestly seems like the writer's ran out of steam and should have ended the movie sooner. It is boring and bland, and doesn't really feel like a payoff for the audience compared to the previous events. The party divides the three kids, and they all go their separate ways. But why does that matter to our movie? Why do we have to have a whole montage of different scenes to show how different these boys are? They touch on this subject during the middle of the movie, but I think they didn't go in the right direction about it. 

    The comedy is excellent, the writing is fun, and the acting is spot-on, yet the film suffers due to the ending. The ending doesn't ruin the movie as a whole, but it loses all sense of comedy and entertainment in a way. I see what they were aiming for, but maybe next time they should just stick to the comedy bits of their movies.