"Casino Royale" Film Review

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"Casino Royale" Film Review

Rating: 5/5

By: Nathaniel Simpson

    "Casino Royale" is an amazing set-up to the new James Bond series, with Daniel Craig in the lead role. When announced, many people had their doubts of Craig, as he visually did not fit the mold of the James Bond character that was made famous by the likes of Sean Connery and Roger Moore. However, Craig proved all of the doubters wrong by portraying Bond as this badass spy in this fun, action-packed adventure.

    The film, which follows Bond playing a high-stakes poker game to help MI6 capture Le Chiffre (Mads Mikkelsen), who is hoping to win the prize money to help finance terrorism. With help from Vesper (Eva Green), who backs him in the poker game, he tries to take down Chiffre and his terrorist organization once and for all.

    The action sequences are perhaps one of the best things in the entire film. Many action movies try to go above and beyond with their choreographed action scenes, and it honestly gets boring after a while. This film, however, makes their fighting and high-risk stunts look so real and lifelike. Consider the scene where Bond is chasing a terrorist on the rooftops of Madagascar. They jump from building to building, and the camera perfectly follows both of their movements. The cinematography is incredible, and makes it one of, if not the best, scene in the entire film. 

    Like mentioned earlier, Craig makes a fantastic Bond. He's perhaps one of the best actors to reprise this role. He is charismatic, smart, witty, and just a lot of fun. He isn't as sex-craved as his predecessors, but is still able to woo every lady he encounters. 

    The movie does a great job of establishing Bond in this new series, giving his character a fresh update that it so direly needed. They make his character so complex that, combined with his loner attitude, makes him so intriguing to watch. It's definitely very interesting and enjoyable to watch his interactions with Vesper, and watch the two characters fall in love over the course of a little over an hour. So, when that shocking revelation comes out in the film's final act, it is a gut-wrench to watch, and we genuinely feel for our spy character. 

    The interesting thing is that these films are continuous, rather than the standalone films in previous Bond series. The film leaves us on a cliffhanger, anticipating what is to come next in Craig's next outing as, to quote the final line of the film, "Bond. James Bond."