"Quantum of Solace" Film Review

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"Quantum of Solace" Film Review

Rating: 2/5

By: Nathaniel Simpson

    Daniel Craig is back as 007 in his next high-octane adventure, "Quantum of Solace". However, the second film in his James Bond saga is slow, choppy, and a huge disappointment compared to its predecessor, which is regarded as one of the best James Bond films ever. 

    The entire plot is the most forgettable of all of Craig's Bond films. Bond is still upset over the death of his girlfriend/con artist Vesper Lynd (Eva Green), prompting him to take out those who blackmailed his dead lover. It leads him on the path of Dominic Green (Mathieu Amalric), who is plotting to take control of a vital natural resource. 

    The biggest complaint I have against this film is the editing. Boy, is it horrible. The editing of this film makes it ten times worse of a movie, due to the choppy shot style. It is hard to tell what is going on during most of the action sequences as there is probably a new cut every second. Take the first scene for example. Bond is being hunted while driving down a winding road. It could have been a really cool scene with beautiful scenery. However, we don't get to see any of the action clearly as the filmmakers were so focused on adding in as many shots as possible. It feels like they hired amateurs to finalize this film.

    The story doesn't help much either. Bond is known to be cool and suave, with an obsession of women and alcohol. However, they portrayed Bond in this film as a superhero of sorts, who loves to throw himself into violent conflicts and action sequences. This is clearly just not who Bond is as a character. He hates over-the-top violence, but this movie seems to glamorize it with every chance they get. 

    On top of that, the story is rather slow and boring, with Green being the worst antagonist of the entire Craig series. It's hard to tell where this film is heading, and it lost my attention multiple times throughout. The Bond girl, Camille (Olga Kurylenko) is not memorable nor likable. It honestly felt like everything that could go wrong did, and even Craig couldn't have saved this mess of a film.