"The Boss Baby" Film Review

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"The Boss Baby" Film Review

Rating: 3/5

By: Nathaniel Simpson

    Who would've thought a film about a baby dressed up in a business suit would be a good idea? Yet, Dreamworks (who has made other hit films such as Shrek) decided to recruit Alec Baldwin to play the role of their loud-mouth, obnoxious, and adorable baby protagonist. And to be honest, I enjoyed myself watching this film. 

    The film follows the "boss baby" being sent to live with the Templeton family, where he collides with their only child, Tim (Miles Bakshi). When Tim finds out the new baby in the family is on a top secret mission to stop a psycho (Steve Buscemi) from sending puppies out into the world to destroy the baby population, he joins his new brother to help bring him down.

    The movie has lots of heart in it. It provides the message of having a good relationship with your sibling, no matter how hard it is. The interactions between the baby and Tim are hilarious at times, and make you root for these two unlikely heroes in our story. I also enjoyed the interactions between the boss baby and the other babies in the neighborhood. I would have to say the scenes they are in together are the highlight of the film for me, and I wish we received more of that.

    However, with all of that being said, I feel like the movie ran a little too long and some of the jokes fell flat. Baldwin does an excellent job, but even then, he can't help save the film from some lackluster jokes or  boring scenes. I also found some of the adult humor in this film quite uncomfortable, with a baby telling his slightly older brother that he wants him to suck it (referring to a pacifier) over and over again. It doesn't really sit well with me listening to a baby making vulgar jokes like that, that will go over a younger audience's head. 

    Overall, the film does what it promises, and that is to make the audience laugh and enjoy their time watching this film. It is far from being among the top animated movies, but it's still a fun watch every now and then that the whole family can enjoy.